Arizona State University- A Destination For Success

Arizona State University- A Destination For Success

Arizona State University is one of the largest public universities in the world, with an overall enrollment of more than 1,34,000 students. Arizona state university rankings have consistently proved its credentials as one of the top universities in the US. ASU has had an excellent track record since its establishment in 1885. U.S. News & World Report ranked ASU as the country’s number one university for innovation. ASU is an educational institution and a world-class research center for students and researchers from across the globe. Arizona State University has one of the most diverse curricula among the universities in the US. 

It has 16 colleges and schools of learning for students at different stages in their life and at varying levels of education. Arizona State University has dedicated institutions for all the leading disciplines like the W.P. Carey School of Business, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, College of Health Solutions, etc. Each school has world-class faculty, research facilities, internship opportunities, job fairs for students. The schools and colleges are dedicated to preparing the student for professional life and research-related work. Apart from all this, taking customized courses is one of the biggest attractions for students from 158 countries and all 50 states.

ASU Rankings and Factors That Make It Different From the Rest

ASU has been ranked as America’s number one university in innovation, successfully transcending big names like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford in the U.S. News & World Report. One of the most attractive traits for any educational institution is its research expenditure, and ASU spends a whopping $637 million on research. Such huge spending is evident from the fact that it has been ranked number one for trans-disciplinary research expenditures, anthropology research, and geological and earth science expenditures in the NSF HERD Survey 2019. ASU’s research expenditure also yielded results when it was ranked at 11th number among universities worldwide for U.S. patents issued.

ASU also has the most impressive student-to-faculty ratio of 18 to 1, which is pretty remarkable compared with other universities worldwide. When it comes to learning opportunities, ASU has one of the most diverse career options, and it provides more than 800 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It is one of the highest numbers of studying options provided by universities across the globe. ASU’s flexibility to customize courses as per the capacity and need of a student is one of the most prominent features that helps students study at their own pace rather than a fixed pace set by the college. Students from across the globe apply for admission to ASU due to the customized course feature. 

An Exceptional Pool of Faculty at the ASU

If a student is seeking research-based teaching with an overly talented pool of teachers, ASU is the perfect place. The mentors at ASU have an outstanding academic background, and the most impressive feature is to have 5 Nobel laureates in the teaching staff. There is no dearth of faculties receiving accolades and recognition from the world’s most reputed organisations. There are 6 MacArthur fellows and 9 Pulitzer Prize winners lecturers at the ASU. Also, there are several other recipients of awards like National Academy of Engineering members, Fulbright U.S. Scholars, American Academy of Arts and Sciences members, Guggenheim fellows, etc. The scholars at ASU are the best in their fields and have led scores of research projects at the national and international levels.

Faculty distribution at different schools and colleges is done by maintaining a standard student to teacher ratio so that there is no compromise on the quality of teaching. For instance, Engineering school has 610 faculty members comprising 12.4% of the total teaching staff. On the other hand, the design and art school has 407 faculty or 8.3% of the teaching staff. There are 1495 tenured professors at the university, which is 30.4% of the total strength of teaching staff. This goes on to prove the qualitative aspect of the teaching at the ASU. One of the most debated issues is gender neutrality, and ASU has done an exceptional job to ensure that there is equal representation from male and female teaching staff. In fact, the female teaching staff is 49.3%, and the male staff is 50.7% of the entire teaching strength of ASU. 

Numbers Speaks Louder than Words For ASU 

Research Expenditure

ASU is one of the top spenders when it comes to research and development projects. It collaborates with government bodies and corporations to ensure a world-class research ecosystem for students and faculty. ASU is a key driver of entrepreneurship in the state and also in the nation, with more than 160 startups generating $575 million in gross state product and $52 million in state and local tax revenues from 2016 to 2019. When it comes to inventions, ASU has an astounding pace of research and inventions with a whopping 4,100 invention disclosures from 2003-21. ASU is also a premier institute when it comes to intellectual property, with more than 980 US-based patents issued. The total worth of IP-related capital generation has resulted in $833 million in investment capital.

One of the recent marvels of the research at ASU is the creation of a mixed-use business park in space with Blue Origin and other space industry leaders to create one by the end of this decade. This is an excellent example of the research collaboration between the corporate and ASU. Faculty at ASU and researchers will be a part of this project.


ASU has achieved an incredible feat this academic year with retention of 86.2%, ranking number one in the state. Also, the recipient of scholarships has witnessed an exponential rise, with more than 92% of students receiving scholarships in 2019. Such a high number of scholarships indicate that if students secure a seat at the ASU, the chances are very likely that they will be getting some sort of financial assistance for sure. 


In FY 2020, ASU was the biggest hotspot for employment and generated more than 53,000 jobs in one calendar year. The year 2019 saw 259,883 ASU graduates working in Arizona, and their total earnings were touching a whopping $17.2 billion. There is no dearth of jobs post completion of the course as ASU has a great corporate partnership structure that ensures regular hiring for students. The world’s top companies come for placement at the ASU, and this is done with active participation from the placement cell working in the university. Companies like Adidas, Starbucks, Infosys, Google, Dell, Intel, etc., are strategic partners of the university.

ASU- A Truly Global University 

ASU has one of the most Global outlooks when it comes to educational institutions in the US. The initiatives taken by ASU have brought a substantial impetus to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. ASU has launched multiple initiatives and programs that aim to help global organizations alleviate the underprivileged population across the globe, including clean water initiatives, solid waste management initiatives, and clean energy initiatives. These programs help the world mitigate these problems and act as a big push to UN projects on sustainable development. 

Students’ trust has increased every year, and even in the midst of the pandemic, 10,800 students from 158 countries enrolled in fall 2021. ASU is also a pioneer institution when it comes to collaborating with a foreign educational institution for research and student exchange programs.

Another brilliant initiative by ASU that reveals the truly global nature is the ‘Global Operations’. Global Operations helps ASU faculty and staff members to tap the global market with the assistance of ASU and its wide network. ASU assists in understanding the business ecosystem of a country, and it helps in legal, financial, tax and other compliances of a foreign country. ASU’s global operations have enabled ASU faculty to reduce the overall time taken in getting access to government projects abroad, doing corporate partnerships for product development. There is no dearth of opportunities abroad, and the ASU administration enables it with the help of its clout in different countries. 

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Initiatives by ASU through Institutes 

ASU has launched a plethora of initiatives for doing path-breaking research in different disciplines. Several institutes within ASU are dedicated to world-class research in next-generation technology. For instance, the Interplanetary initiative by the ASU is pursuing extensive research in human habitation in outer space. The McCain Institute for International Leadership is doing initiatives via leadership programs in the presence of world-renowned experts for making the next generation leaders of security, human rights, economy, climate change, etc.

ASU is working extensively to use its knowledge resources to impact the lives of billions of planets by imparting education that is restricted to getting a job or degree and an overall change in the outlook of fresh graduates. The impact can see the difference it has made until now and its future plans in the pipeline.