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Are You Moving with a Pet to Another State ? Here is a Checklist You Need

When you start planning for a trip or moving with a pet to another city or state, many things start spinning in your head with the essential needs you must start planning. Things get more exhausting when you have the responsibility of a pet. When there is a shift in the energy, animals sense it very quickly and might get uncomfortable. To protect them from feeling anxious over the shift, you may either keep them in a separate room or avoid making them feel a little different. You may also drop them at your friend’s or family’s place; this would keep it away from all the shifting and packing chaos.

You may also hire a pet shipping company that provides proper care for a pet while shipping and provides various services at an affordable cost. You may choose the most convenient pet shipping service that suits all your requirements. When you are planning to move to another state, there are various formalities that also need to be taken care of, pet shipping service may take care of them for you as well.

Once you consider all the options and choose to move with your pet on your own, there are certain things that you might want to add on your checklist:

Prepare an Overnight Kit.

When you make a move to a new house, there are many factors you are adapting yourself to. And you cannot be certain about the schedule and routine you will have to settle with. While adjusting to a new environment, you might not get time to unpack immediately. Therefore, must pack a kit for your pet separately that is in easy access. You must pack some essentials like food and bedding in the kit, which would provide you with some comfort of feeding your pet without much trouble.

Contact your vet.

An essential thing that you must take care of is the medical check-up. There are many states which are very particular about the rules and regulations. They also require a copy of certain documents like a health certificate and vaccination proof. Once you make a plan on moving, you must visit the vet of your pet. Ask for a regular check-up and provide a health certificate stating a perfect health condition. 

It must also be dated as recently as seven days from the day of your travel. Also ensure that your pet has taken all the mandatory vaccinations like rabies and is not a carrier to any parasite. You must also ask your vet about any reference about the vet at your new location. You must carry a prescription of recent medication, which could help the new vet with understanding the animal’s medical history.

Safe travel.

In moving with a pet, there are multiple pet relocation options that you can choose. Traveling by air is the most preferred option by many people for a long-distance journey. You must always get the reservations at the earliest to make sure you get your pet a seat reserved in the cabin. You can also make sure that you carry an IATA approved carriage which suits your pet perfectly in the size and comfort aspects. And also check with the airlines about the breeds, which are not allowed in the airways. And also see if your pet lies in the category.

If you are planning to travel by road, there are many things that you must take care of. Like the safe carriage which is leashed carefully at the back seat of your car. You must never keep your pet at the front seat even in the carriage, as it is extremely dangerous. Make sure that you always carry some snacks during travel and should take small pee and poop breaks in the middle. You must always take note of the veterinary clinics on the way, in case of an emergency. If you are traveling with your pet by road for the first time, it is always suggested that you take a small test drive before finalizing the trip. This would help you understand the basic behavior of your pet while traveling.

Identification tags and microchips

ID tags on the collar are extremely important for your pet’s safety. This helps you trace your pet back in case you lose it. You must get extra careful when you plan to move to a new state and an unknown neighborhood. When an animal is introduced to a new environment, it often gets excited and wishes to take a stroll around. To ensure your pet’s safety, you must make sure that you get a microchip installed on its paw. This would help you stay updated about the track it strays into.

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