An Ultimate Strategy and Guide: How to Bet on Cricket and Earn Real Money

An Ultimate Strategy and Guide: How to Bet on Cricket and Earn Real Money

Earning money on cricket betting is easy and fun, provided you know how to do it. Online betting is legal in India, and bettors don’t have to worry about legal consequences. Online cricket betting is rising in Indian betting markets because of the increased number of cricket lovers. As a cricket fan, you can earn real money as you enjoy the game. You can make money through betting with a few tactics and strategies, even as a beginner. Here are some strategies to guide your venture into cricket betting.

Understand the Game

To succeed in betting on any game, you must understand how the game works. This will help analyze different teams so you can make informed bets. These basic rules can help you understand the game better.

  • The aim is to score as many runs as possible before the fielding team takes ten wickets.
  • The game involves two teams, and the team with the most runs wins.
  • Teams take turns in batting and bowling.
  • A bowler from the fielding squad bowls the ball to the batsman, who tries to hit it using a bat.
  • The fielding team must get the batters out.
  • Batsmen try to rack up as many runs as they can.
  • The fielding team has to get 10 batsmen out before switching and starting batting.

Types of bets

1. Match Betting

Match betting is the most popular type of betting. It requires betters to predict match outcomes such as the winning team, whether the match will end in a tie, or whether the match will end the same day (some cricket matches can take more than a day).

2. Player Bets

With player bets, bets are placed on specific players. This can be a prediction of the top bowler or batsman and man of the match. Other predictions include top bowling or batting team, bowler match, or batsman match bets.

3. Propositions Bets

These bets involve specific things about the match.

  • Over/under bets– this is a prediction of the total score by teams, which will be over or under a given number by the end of the game.
  • Toss winner– this is a fun bet where punters predict which team wins the coin toss for the game.
  • Odd/even runs– with this bet, bettors predict whether a team’s runs will end in odd or even numbers. If it ends in zero (which is rare), it’s even.
  • Method of dismissal– this applies in a live match, and bettors predict how a batter will be dismissed. Othertest match scoreinclude runs off the next ball, the outcome of the next ball, and runs off an over. These best are the most captivating since bettors must be keen during the game.

Tips to earn money in cricket betting

Go for Value

If you want to earn money in cricket, you must look at the value. Easy to predict matches have little value since betting sitesknow that anyone knows the outcome. For instance, where a weak team plays against a strong team, everyone knows that the strong team will win. Also, ensure you bet before the prices go lower. The trick here is to bet before the gameplay date when the odds are high and look for sportsbooks with the best offers.

Know Cricket Statistics

It’s easy to identify patterns within a team and specific players by watching previous matches. Before wagering, ensure you have a deep understanding of the teams’ statistics. Previous scores can help predict upcoming scores. Don’t just bet on teams or players with big names before reviewing the statistics. This will help you identify strengths and weaknesses. Keep up with cricket news and watch live matches to identify the team’s style and strategies. This is a good basis for comparison. To win big, invest time in the game.

Select a Reputable Bookmarker

It’s possible to win a cricket match and fail to get the money. This usually happens when dealing with dubious betting sites. Some sites lure you with mind-blowing bonuses and promotions but run away with your money. Be careful when selecting a betting site. Ensure they are trustworthy and licensed. Go for sites that protect your data. Check their reviews and customer feedback before you sign up for online sites.

Study the pitch and weather

The weather plays a role in how teams perform in most outdoor activities. Night dew causes a lack of grip on the ball, and teams are likely to perform minimally. The pitch also influences how teams perform. This combination explains why teams usually win when playing at home rather than when playing away.

The EndNote

Cricket betting can be a lucrative source of money if you understand the game. Identify the different ‌bets which are most favorable in different matches. Choose a reputable and licensed gaming site to avoid losing money.