A Simple Guide To Solar Battery Storage And Technology

A Simple Guide To Solar Battery Storage And Technology

In the year 2020-2021, renewable energy sources make up about 29 per cent of the total electricity generated on the continent. According to the Australian government, there was a 5 per cent rise in the renewable energy market share compared to 2020.

In Australia, solar power emerged as the largest renewable power source, capturing 12% of the total electric generation. What matters is that these numbers represent the total electricity generated in Australia by commercial industries and residential properties.

More and more Australians are moving towards renewable energy to light their homes and businesses. Solar power is the most common source of electricity. It can easily be installed in residential and commercial properties at economical rates.

However, installing solar panels might not do all the magic you need. Have you ever considered investing in high-quality solar battery storage? Let’s learn more about this technology and how it can benefit your lifestyle and power bill.

What is Solar Battery Storage?

With renewable energy slowly gaining momentum in Australia, many citizens are shifting to sustainable power sources. While installing solar panels is a good start towards a cleaner environment and a lower power bill, coupling it with industry-standard solar battery storage brings the best results.

Let’s imagine that it’s a peaceful but stormy night. You are relaxing infront of the TV with your dishwasher running in the background. Suddenly the power goes out. You are thrown into pitch-black darkness, suddenly searching for a torch.

Now, let’s consider the same scenario with solar panels and battery storage installed in your home. Everything would go the same except your house might be the only one with power while the neighbourhood scourges for candles and torches.

With solar battery storage, you can store electricity produced through the solar panels during the day and use them at a later time or date. Investing in a solar battery increases the optimal use of solar energy. It reduces your dependency on the coal-powered grid.

There might be times when you need solar power the most but can’t get it due to several reasons. For example, most power consumption occurs during afternoons or evenings when the sunlight is waning. People working during the daytime might use solar power for temperature control inside their homes and for running appliances. 

Solar energy storage at times like these. It helps you run all these electrical gadgets in poor sunlight or when the sun is not shining.  

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How Does Solar Battery Work?

Solar energy storage usually refers to technologies that can store the electrical power collected through solar panels and release it whenever needed. Solar batteries generally use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries equipped with liquid thermal control.

Solar batteries also help iron out the kinks in the stored solar power. These kinks occur due to the variations in solar power flow during different times of the day. 

So, solar storage not only helps increase optimal power usage but also upgrades the power quality. Numerous external factors can influence the production of solar power like seasons, time of the day, dust and haze cover, cloud cover, snowfall, and many more.

However, solar batteries help smoothly integrate solar power into the household at all times of the day.

How can Solar Battery Benefit Residential and Commercial Properties?

Below are the many benefits of coupling solar batteries with solar panels:

24*7 Power Supply:

As stated earlier, with a battery, you can use solar power not only during peak consumption hours but also at night smoothly, without any hitch. It brings down your power bill and makes you less dependent on coal-powered grids for energy consumption.

Lower Power Bills:

You can reduce your power bill without compromising electricity usage through solar batteries. You can avoid high power rates by just installing a solar battery. When you collect solar power in a battery and use it later, it is termed low-cost energy as it was generated beforehand. As the power was developed earlier in the day, using it won’t incur any additional costs.

Monitoring Your Power Usage and Bills:

Modern state-of-the-art solar batteries come with AI-powered mobile apps and software. It will help you monitor your overall power usage and track peak billing. This will not offer precision and transparency to help you stay off-grid power during peak periods and reduce your power bill.

Commercial and residential solar power users can benefit immensely from solar battery storage. The solar industry is rapidly evolving, and continued research in this sector might bring forth newer technologies. It can significantly reduce solar energy and storage costs, making it more accessible.