Know Your Rights: A Guide for Truck Accident VictimsKnow Your Rights: A Guide for Truck Accident Victims

Know Your Rights: A Guide for Truck Accident Victims

When do most trucking accidents happen? Daytime or nighttime?

If you guessed daytime, you’re right. About 63% of accidents involving large trucks happen during the day. Sadly, these crashes usually result in fatalities or severe injuries.

If you or a loved one were a victim of a truck accident, we want to help. In this article, we’ll cover everything from gathering evidence at the accident scene, to knowing what to say to insurance adjusters. By knowing exactly what steps to take following the crash, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for a successful legal battle.

Read on to learn the truth about how to overcome truck crashes.

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What to Do at the Truck Accident Scene

Let’s start by discussing what you should do at the scene of the accident. After making sure you and your passengers are safe, you’ll want to gather as much evidence as possible. For instance, you should take extensive photos of the accident scene. You’ll want to photograph things such as the road you’re on, street signs, and weather conditions.

Next, take pictures that show the position of each vehicle alone, as well as both vehicles in the same shot. Any photographs you can get of the vehicle damage, and injuries will also help you later on.

Moving on, scan the accident scene for any potential witnesses. If you find a witness, you’ll want to politely ask for their full name and contact information.

After gathering your evidence, take a look online to find a reputable truck accident attorney. In addition to the evidence you gather at the accident scene, your lawyer’s also going to want to look at your medical records.

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Tips for Getting Medical Attention

You should always seek medical attention following an accident involving a truck. It doesn’t matter if you have minor or severe injuries. Oftentimes, the adrenaline of the crash can make you feel as if you’re okay.

It can take hours, and even days for your body to feel the full effects of the impact. If you don’t see a doctor right away it’ll be difficult for your lawyer to prove the crash caused your injuries.

How to Talk to Insurance Companies

Moving on, truck accident victims have to be careful what they say when they’re talking to insurance adjusters. If you have to talk to an insurance adjuster, make sure you only say the things your lawyer permits you to discuss. By sticking to the facts and topics your lawyer approves, you’ll be able to avoid causing trouble for yourself later on.

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Avoid Social Media

Last but not least, after a trucking accident, you should stay off social media for a while. A simple post about how happy you’re feeling could be used against your injury claim. Instead, it’s better to play it safe, and give the socials a rest as you wrap up your lawsuit.

Be Certain of Your Rights

Understanding your rights after a truck accident means being able to get your life back on track. Remember to gather as much evidence as possible at the accident scene, and then contact an accident attorney.

The sooner you take legal action, the sooner you’ll be able to receive your settlement award. For more ways to make your life better, check out the rest of this site.

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