8 Health Supplement Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

8 Health Supplement Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you wondering whether the supplement you are consuming has any health benefits?

You need to realize that not all products touted to have health benefits actually have. In fact, 46 percent of brands have been recalled; some contained dead drug ingredients such as sibutramine.

Thus, you need to be careful when purchasing a supplement. However, finding the right health product involves knowing the health supplement shopping mistakes to avoid.

Here are 8 health supplement buying mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Purchasing Cheapest Product

You may be tempted to go for cheap supplements. However, this might not be a good idea. Cheap supplements are likely to be low-quality vitamins that will do more harm than good to your health. Additionally, cheap supplements will likely contain toxic fillers and binders, which are not suitable for your wellbeing.

Though the price of a product does not guarantee its quality, you must ensure you are consuming something good for your health. Thus, don’t let price be the only thing you should consider when visiting a health supplement store.

2. Purchasing Synthetic Supplements

Though synthetic supplements may be cheap, they may not offer the same health benefits as natural supplements since they are not made using natural ingredients.

Additionally, your body will differentiate natural supplements like deer antler velvet from a chemically produced alternative. It will indeed try to get rid of anything artificial from the body.

It is not yet clear how synthetic nutrients are absorbed and used by the body, but they are unlikely to be absorbed the same way as their natural counterparts.

Thus, when purchasing supplements, don’t forget to check the label. Natural supplements are usually labeled 100 percent plants or animal-based.

3. Not Following Expert Formulation Advice

Most companies might not be sure of the nature of the product they are creating. This is because they just throw in a lot of ingredients they think are healthy into a bottle.

However, some active ingredients might have strong effects on your body. Thus, you need to be alert when taking new products as they might have a bad reaction to the body.

If you occasionally have a bad reaction to dietary supplements, you must consider letting your healthcare provider know about it. You can get advice on whether you are getting the right nutrients and the right quantity and quality.

4. Not Checking the Fermentation Labels on Products

Well, fermented food is known to have more health benefits. This is because they make the vitamins and minerals easily absorbed by the body.

Additionally, fermentation will be beneficial to bacteria found in your gut. These bacteria are essential in promoting the body’s ability to synthesize B vitamins and vitamin K.

It is essential not to disregard the supplement bottle labels that show fermentation practices; it might be another way of telling you how to unlock the vitamins and nutrients.

5. Purchasing Supplements With Binders and Excipients

Binders and excipients are usually added to supplement products to bind all the ingredients into tablet form.

Though it may seem like a great way to get a final product, most additives are unnatural. They may also damage the integrity of a product. For instance, magnesium stearate, which is commonly used to form tablets, is associated with poor intestinal absorption.

It may also expose your body to carcinogen formaldehyde which suppresses T-cells. Thus, you must consider the long-term health risk of supplements with binders and excipients.

6. Failing to Read Online Customers Reviews

Many people consume supplements for the same reasons as you. Thus, you must note what they are saying about a specific product.

Online customer reviews will offer you an unbiased view of the product you consider adding to your cart.

If you are buying supplements online, you need to be sure the product has worked well for other people. Thus, there is no need to blindly purchase supplements and wait to see how they work.

Many customers have purchased the same product in the past. Check what they are saying about it. If the majority are reviewing positively, it indicates the product is authentic.

7. Going with the Latest Trends

You may be tempted to jump on every new health trend in the world. However, not every new product delivers the promise highlighted on the label.

So, before deciding to invest in the new live-saving fads, you must consult a medical professional or a nutritionist. In doing so, you will know whether the items have any health benefits.

If you can’t verify the health benefits of a new product, you should stick with the one you already know and trust.

8. Ordering Uncertified Products

Most manufacturers will claim to produce a high-quality product with the safest protocols.

However, you must stay neutral to have room for bias. And certifications usually make the difference in supporting the claims.

Thus, when purchasing health supplements, don’t forget to look for credentials on a bottle or product site. Usually, manufacturers are subject to yearly audits by government organizations such as FDA. The product is tested before being given a stamp of approval.

Avoid the Above Health Supplement Shopping Mistakes

When shopping for any health product, you must know what you will be ingesting into your body. Thus, you need to avoid health supplement shopping mistakes to improve your health and life.

If you want to achieve your health goals, seek medical professionals or nutritionist advice. Also, be sure to purchase only certified products guaranteed to provide the highest nutritional value.

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