7 Great Digital Marketing Strategies You Can't Afford to Ignore

7 Great Digital Marketing Strategies You Can’t Afford to Ignore

In the past decade, online marketing has taken off and become a more important way to capture new customers who are already looking for your products or services.

But for the uninitiated, it’s hard to know where to start. So we’ve broken it down and provided seven digital marketing strategies that we consider a must for every business.

Read on to learn digital marketing strategies to help your business.

The world is evolving in front of our eyes. If your digital marketing strategy isn’t evolving with it, then you will get left behind.

For example, digital advertising is likely to be a growing part of your marketing strategy and may even replace print ads. But you can’t afford to waste time and money on any old digital advertising gimmick when there are so many more effective ones.

Likewise, because something has already been around for a while, like blogging, doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. As new technology comes out that can help your business somehow, you need to be ahead of the curve and make sure that it’s integrated into your marketing strategy.

2. Apply Web Security

Site security is a part of digital marketing strategy. Without security, there will be no traffic or sales volume. SSL creates a secure bridge for data transfer. The website can go with the desired SSL as per requirement like for subdomains’ security, cheap wildcard SSL is an ideal option. For a single domain, you can go with any branded single SSL certificate.

3. Make the Most of Social Media Marketing

In the digital marketing world, social media is king. More than half of all internet traffic comes from social media. For that reason, it’s a good idea for every business to be active on social media and have a presence there.

It’s also important to assess your current level of engagement across your social networks and make sure they match the different audiences you serve.

For example, on Twitter, you can use hashtags to narrow your content to a specific topic or audience. Yet, on Facebook, you should take advantage of Facebook’s pixel-based advertising by using it to target specific images at specific audiences.

4. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to reach a larger audience. While email marketing may seem old school in a world where everyone is so used to texting and using social media, it is effective because it’s easy to integrate into many different parts of your business strategy.

For example, it can connect with past customers, nurture new leads and customers, and create a personal connection that no other form of marketing can.

What’s more, every business can enjoy having an email list. By building up an email list and then sending out targeted emails to them, you can engage with a large number of people at once and reach potential customers without giving away your time or money.

5. Create a Content Calendar

In today’s digital marketing world, scheduling your content is a must. Every business needs to have a steady stream of interesting and engaging content. That means creating blog posts, whether on your website or external sites like Medium, Quora, or LinkedIn.

It also means creating custom content for social media. When you create a well-planned digital marketing strategy that includes the right balance of content, it can help you reach new audiences and keep existing customers engaged with your brand.

6. Measure Your Results

Any good digital marketing strategy needs to relate to data and information that you’ve gathered over time. That means you need to track how your campaigns are working, what’s working best, and what’s not working.

You should have analytics in place to figure out if you’re spending money in the right places. It would help if you also had a good idea of how much time and money each project will take before starting it.

If you’re not doing this, then it could be costing you a lot more than you think. Along with the analytics, you must have a detailed financial forecast to see how much money you have left after spending. That way, you’ll know exactly how much money to spend on each campaign or project and when to stop spending resources on it.

7. Use Organic Marketing and SEO

That said, organic nature is referring to the marketing itself, not whether it’s a paid service or not. You can use a digital marketing agency to do the work for you.

With paid ads, you buy advertising space akin to a billboard. Whereas organic marketing is free to distribute. Thus, it involves creating content that ranks on Google at the top of the search.

This kind of marketing for Google is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), of which content is on-page SEO. The content is created with the intent of driving traffic onto the business website.

Paid marketing will serve you well in protecting your brand name. Yet, you may want to get more of a return on investment from your digital marketing campaigns. As the adage goes, “The best way to get customers is through their friends.”

8. Utilize Influencer Marketing

If your business is in “spread the word” mode, then this means it’s time to start using influencer marketing as your main tool in getting your message out there.

Influencers can be very effective when used in the right way. They can help you reach new customers and build up awareness of your brand. Make sure that you’re using influencers in the right way that will work for your business.

If you’re trying to reach younger people then it’s not a good idea to hire an older person as an influencer. That will be confusing and end up being a waste of resources.

Digital Marketing Strategies Are Specific to You

Digital marketing is one of the most popular ways to reach new customers today, but it’s not without its challenges. One of the top challenges today is finding data that can help your strategy work well. That’s why it’s important to have a plan and budget in place before you start any campaigns.

Follow these 7 strategies and you’ll end up with great digital marketing strategies. In doing so, the strategy will help your business grow and serve your customers better.

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