7 Elegant Lighting Fixtures To Add That Oomph To Your Living Space

7 Elegant Lighting Fixtures To Add That Oomph To Your Living Space

Minimalism, as a concept, is very unique and very efficient. Being a minimalist and a decor enthusiast, you must know lighting is the most important decor element to lend that minimalistic touch to your space. Minimalist luxury lighting fixtures are very distinctive and quirky and let you express yourself through your decor in a much more efficacious way. If you embrace the whole idea of speaking volumes through very little design elements, then you’re at the right place. 

Take a look at these 7 minimalist lighting designs from the extensive collection of The White Teak Company and make a pick for yourself…

1. Chandelier –  You Do You

Minimalist yet grand, it is very difficult for a decor piece to get both these criteria right, but You do you nails it. With a dimmable LED and a glossy gold finish, this is a treat for all the minimalists out there.

2. Pendant Light – Glamster

As the name suggests, this piece of decor is meant to get all the attention it can get. With a minimalist design and a smokey grey shade lending a distinctive energy to the piece, this becomes a must-buy if you have a compact space. 

3. Ceiling Light – Cover Girl

Despite its minimalist design, this piece is very loud with its appearance and you’ll fall in love with every angle of Cover girl. Offering a high functionality quotient, it also comes with a remote-controlled dimmable LED. 

4. Wall Light – Take A Walk

Textbook minimalism at its best. This sleek beauty in black can energize any and every corner of your room without being too loud. This piece of decor comes with dimmable LED to suit any of your moods and any occasion at your place. 

5. Table Lamp – Game Is Done

One of the bestselling pieces of The White Teak collection, Game is done comes with two columns in a matte-brown finish to create an ethereal effect. Truly a beauty, this piece can lend its distinctive aura to your personal spaces. The dimmable LED offers a high functionality quotient too. 

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6. Floor Lamp – Power Point

Another piece that truly reflects textbook minimalism at its best. A sleek design with slender twists, this beauty in a matte-brown finish is a must buy even if you are not a minimalist. Offered with a remote-controlled dimmable LED, this piece can energize any desolate corner of your living space. 

7. Outdoor light – Melfi

If you want your home to have a minimalist touch on the outside, then this piece is the best pick for you. Effective appearance and an efficient design, Melfi is definitely a worthy inclusion to your living space.