7 Compelling Reasons to Live in Florida and 3 That Might Make You Reconsider

7 Compelling Reasons to Live in Florida and 3 That Might Make You Reconsider

Did you know Florida is the 5th most popular state people move to each year? People are flocking to this area for reasons other than the sunshine.

Young and old are packing their bags and heading to Florida for good. But why? If you want to know what it’s really like to live in Florida, we’ve got the information you need.

Continue reading to learn seven reasons to take the leap and make the move and three reasons you might want to stay put.

Make the Move

Moving can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve lived in one place for a long time. Even so, sometimes the trouble of moving is well worth it. Here are seven reasons moving to Florida should be an appealing idea.

1. The Beaches

If you enjoy being outside, especially by the ocean, Florida is a good choice for you. There are many places to live in Florida where you can even live right on the water.

If packing your beach bag and driving to the water sounds like too much work, check out these waterfront homes for sale. You can step outside into your own private oasis!

2. Beautiful Weather

Florida is called the sunshine state for a reason. You should definitely move to Florida if sunny weather and warm temperatures are your ideal comfort zone.

Leaving behind snow, frigid temperatures, or the extreme heat other US states offer and embracing the warmth and sunshine in Florida can bring you a greater sense of happiness than you’ve ever experienced.

3. Amusement Parks

Of all the reasons to live in Florida, enjoying amusement parks might make the top of the list for some people.

People travel long distances to visit parks like Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld. These parks could be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours away if you live in Florida.

You won’t need to hop on a plane to take your kids to the enchanted castle as many people do. Having so many amusement parks close by will help ensure you’re never without something to do.

4. Outdoor Activity Options

Spending time outside helps people to live happier and healthier lives. It’s even better if you can be active while you’re outside.

There are plenty of opportunities to do that in Florida. So whether you opt to take up surfing, skating, biking, hiking, or any other form of movement, you’re sure to have plenty of time to be active outdoors.

Gone are the days of being cooped up inside for months out of the year.

5. No State Income Tax

There’s no state income tax in Florida. This is why many high-earners and business owners choose to relocate to Florida. Even if you aren’t racking in millions per year, you’ll still see more money in your paycheck from not paying this tax.

You get to skip out on this tax because sales and tourist taxes on hotels cover it for you.

6. Optimal Cost of Living

Buying a home in Florida along with other necessary items isn’t overpriced as it is in other areas. The cost of living is reasonable, another reason why so many people are flocking there.

Retirees especially enjoy the area because their fixed income might stretch further here than it does in other places.

7. Strong Job Market

The job market in Florida always seems to do exceedingly well compared to other areas. Because it’s such a strong area for tourism, many people find it easy to get jobs in this field.

There’s a high population of retired people, so finding jobs in the medical field is easy as well. And because of the lower taxes, new businesses are constantly being started from the ground up.

Finding a job in the agriculture sector is also common as Florida exports many fruits to other states and countries. Overall, finding a job here is often easier than in other states, with fewer key growth areas to consider.

Stay Where You Are

Buying a home in Florida is the perfect option for some people and a not-so-great option for others. Find out where you stand by going through the three things that might make you reconsider making the move below.

1. The Weather Can Be Extreme

Living in an area with beautiful weather for most of the year often comes at a cost. Heavy rain, wind, and hurricanes often strike Florida during specific times of the year.

Needing to evacuate the area or risking your home experiencing damage is part of living there. You’ll need to weigh the cost of bad weather at times against the joy of experiencing ideal weather for most of the year.

2. Bugs and Other Creatures

You’ll find bugs no matter where you live, but large bugs and roaches are more common here than in many other areas. You’ll also have the potential of coming across snakes, alligators, spiders, scorpions, and hordes of mosquitos.

For many, dealing with nature is a part of life. For others, things like this are a significant source of fear and could disrupt their daily life. Be sure to consider how you feel about dealing with things like this.

3. Tourism

Florida is a huge tourism state. Because of the weather, beaches, and amusement parks, people travel from all over to visit throughout the year.

As mentioned earlier, you benefit from tourism by paying less taxes. But the trade-off is dealing with crowds of people and over-commercialized areas.

Thankfully, this problem can be somewhat solved by choosing to live in one of the many less-tourist-filled areas found throughout Florida.

To Live in Florida or Not to Live in Florida

Living in Florida comes with pros and cons, as does living anywhere else. If you make the decision to live in Florida, you’ll enjoy the seven amazing benefits mentioned here, ranging from lower taxes to beautiful weather to endless entertainment.

You’ll also need to put up with the potential for bad weather, new bugs and animals, and tourists. It’s up to you to decide if making the move is worth it as so many people do each year!

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