6 Special Books That Tells About Living In Parallel Universe

6 Special Books That Tells About Living In Parallel Universe

The parallel universe has been the center of interest for scientists for a long time. The people who possess scientific minds also are keen to know more about the parallel universe concept. Researches are going on regarding this particular topic. Scientists haven’t been able to state anything specific about the parallel universe concept. But there are some books that can make you feel the thrill of the parallel universe. The imaginations of the authors of those books can please anyone who is interested in the parallel universe.

Here we are going to talk about some of those interesting books. These books are going to entertain you with super interesting content. You can come across a variety of books using isubscribe au Discount code.

Best books on the parallel universe that will leave you astonished

A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab

The story revolves around a magician whose name is Kell. He has the ability to travel between Grey, Red and White London. He acts as a smuggler while traveling from one universe to another. Suddenly, Kell gets robbed by a thief from Grey London named Lila. Afterward, Lila makes Kell take her for a visit to other Londons. The main theme of the story is how two of them roam from one London to another through the dark side of magic. If you have even a bit of interest in the parallel universe, this story is a must-read for you.

The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix Harrow

This is the story of January Scaller. January goes to the mansion of one of his father’s friends. There she suddenly feels that she’s trapped into the house. The owner of the mansion had a passion for collecting strange and supernatural things. Later on, January finds a strange book and a door as well. She discovers that she can go to another universe through that magical door. What happens next? Well, you have to read the mind-blowing book to know the full story.

The Future of The Another Timeline by Annalee Newitz

This story is all about Tess, a time-traveller. Tess has taken an oath to destroy a particular group of time-travellers. Those travellers are the misogynists who want to deprive women of getting lawful rights. Tess travels to the year 1992 and there she meets another woman named Beth. That lady also shares the same thoughts with Tess. The story is based on how the two ladies fight all the challenges that come on their way. Visit Booktopia to get surprising offers on similar books and collections using Booktopia Promo Code.

The Light Brigade by Kameron Harley

This is a story about a soldier named Dietz. Dietz takes part in the serious battle against Mars. After observing the lapses and losses of the battle, Dietz can’t determine the exact purpose of the war. Does he find out the answer finally? You must go through the science-fiction story to find the answer to your questions.

The Shining Girl by Lauren Beukes

The story starts in 1931 and the name of the protagonist is Harper Curtis. Harper gets the keys to a house suddenly. After entering the house, Harper comes across a list of names of girls on a wall. Suddenly, Harper discovers that time-travel is possible through the house. Afterward, he travels in time and murders the girls who were listed on the wall. To know what happened further, just purchase the amazing book.

The Heavens by Sandra Newman

The main two characters of this story are Ben and Kate. Ben meets Kate in the year 2000 and soon he falls for her. Later he discovers that Kate is possessed by a strange dream. In the dream, Kate lives in Elizabethan England as a mistress of a renowned person. She believes that her dreams are real. Read the book to know what happens next.

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