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6 Reasons to Use GPS Fleet Tracking

You’ve just sat down for your Monday morning meeting, and the boss wants to know why the fleet is losing the company money. You’re not entirely sure either, and you struggle to come up with a reasonable explanation.

Why are neither of you sure what’s going on? Because you have no idea what your fleet is up to on the road. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a GPS fleet tracking system.

Fleet tracking software should be one of the primary weapons in your fleet management arsenal. Here are six benefits of investing in GPS software.

1. Increased Performance

Trying to manage your fleet should be all about performance. Fleet tracking software can give you live feedback about driver productivity, which in turn can help you keep costs down and profits up.

Tracking software will allow you to cut down on driver down-time and overtime costs. All of these things mean more money will be rolling in.

2. Reduced Fuel Costs

Speeding and needless idling can cost your company a lot of money in fuel costs. You can save on these fuel costs if you can accurately track how your drivers are using their fuel.

As well as keeping fuel costs down, managing your drivers’ idling times can help improve your company’s carbon footprint.

3. Lower Insurance Costs

A lot of insurance companies will be able to offer you a discount on your plans if you can show that you use a GPS tracking system for your fleet. When you apply this discount to an entire truck fleet, you’re saving a lot of money.

Another thing that can help keep your insurance costs down is a dashcam. You can find dashcams with built-in GPS trackers at linxup.com.

4. Increased Safety

GPS fleet tracking allows you as a fleet manager to instantly access vital information about how your drivers are behaving when they’re out on the road.

You can see if they’re speeding or driving dangerously. Being able to monitor and address this will help keep your employees safe when they’re out driving.

5. Better Fleet Operations

Having access to a wealth of detailed information about your fleet can allow you to make real-time decisions that improve your fleet efficiency and operations.

You’ll no longer need to rely on log sheets or maintenance records to assess your fleet’s performance. You can have all the information you need 24/7.

6. More Efficient Routing

One of the most stressful aspects of fleet management is routing. With a GPS system, some of that stress is taken off your shoulders.

With a tracking system in place, your dispatchers can select the most efficient routes available to your driver and help them avoid and plan for any overlapping routes.

Invest in GPS Fleet Tracking to Boost Your Business

Getting some GPS fleet tracking in place for your company should be a no-brainer. You can boost your profits and keep your costs down by being able to instantly monitor what your drivers are doing when they’re out on the road.

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