6 Most Scented Bouquets To Gift Someone

6 Most Scented Bouquets To Gift Someone

Flowers are not just about their colours and beauty but also about their enchanting fragrance. A bouquet is a perfect present for any event from weddings to birthdays to funerals and sickness. It’s just a reminder for the recipient that you’re thinking of them. It is important to select the right scent for your person before sending the flowers. If you’re looking for online flower delivery in Bangalore, here are a few options to choose from.

1. Rose Bouquet

There could not possibly be any person who doesn’t love to stop and smell roses. On the romantic flower list, red roses always remain on top of the list. They are referred to as the Universal Symbol of love for a reason. Roses can have different smells depending upon their growing conditions, age, and other factors. For instance, darker-coloured roses have a stronger fragrance than light-coloured ones.

They are truly nature’s perfume and hence have become synonymous with rich and luxurious fragrances. Smelling a rose in your bouquet is considered relaxing when you slowly get to enjoy its wonderfully pleasing savoury notes. Red roses are very versatile and can be incorporated into a bouquet for any special occasion. A sunset palette, Hollywood Glamour, or Evoking Classic Romance, you name it, and the bouquet is ready!

2. Chocolate Cosmos

Everyone on this planet craves chocolate. Is there anyone who doesn’t? I suppose not. Chocoholics are even capable of distinguishing between different chocolate scents. These are best to give your beloved someone in the summers, to bring out their powerful essence.

When your girlfriend likes to smell the chocolate fragrance, present her a chocolate cosmos flower bouquet, and she will let you go for the bouquet! As the name suggests, they have a strong chocolate fragrance. It will help you elevate her mood, make her feel valued, or just bring a smile to her face.

3. Jasmine Flower Bouquet

Indian households are quite commonly found with the jasmine plant. Its sweet and mind fragrance never fails to bring happiness! A blooming jasmine flower is very beautiful with shades of white and yellow.

People in India are crazy about its fragrance. If your partner is among them, you can present a fresh jasmine flower bouquet to them and watch their face light up like a firefly.

4. Hyacinth Bouquet

A hyacinth flower is popular for its charming, earthy, and robust fragrance. Everyone finds their dense, bright colours like pink, red, orange, purple, and blue very tempting. Its sweet smell often deters pests and animals.

It is a stunning flower bouquet to give someone too close to your heart. If they admire sweet things, they will admire you even more after receiving this bouquet!

5. Sweet Pea Flower Bouquet

The dainty and gratifying aroma of a sweet pea flower is delightful and lovely. It can easily distribute its aroma in the entire living room. Its light yet wholesome scent mixes well with other florals such as rose and peonies, which gives us a nice and neatly fitted arrangement.

They are not just perfect fits for perfume, lotions, and bath products but make up for a delicious bouquet for all your family and friends. These thin and fragile petals in a bouquet are an amazing gift.

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6. Lilies Bouquet

The dramatic open buds of lilies can fill any space with their yummy, pleasant, and enticing aroma. They come in various scents, from no smell to light and cheerful smelling to overwhelmingly fragrant and perfume. Lilies are grown in various colours, which make them perfect for all occasions.

They are not just suitable for perfumes and body care products, but lilies bouquets make an exquisite surprise for your loved ones. Sonata lilies have a light, citrusy and delicate fragrance. Starfighter lilies bouquets are the most powerful, with a whiff of honey. They are sweet and tropical, which can fill up an entire room. The online flower delivery in Bangalore is available with different lilies, and you can choose a favourite from them!

A bouquet of scented flowers is a special gift! No matter in which city you are, you can send these flowers from anywhere to make your sweetheart feel ecstatic.