6 Benefits of Owning a Mosquito Fogger

6 Benefits of Owning a Mosquito Fogger

Did you know that mosquitos kill more people every year than any other animal?

Mosquitos are pests that carry serious infectious diseases like malaria and the Zika virus. And because they tap into your body’s bloodstream, they transmit disease like there’s no tomorrow.

They’re more than a summer nuisance. But dealing with them is easy with a first-class mosquito fogger.

What is a Mosquito Fogger?

There are ways to deal with mosquito infestations without paying for expensive pest control services.

A mosquito fogger uses an oil-based insecticide to kill mosquitos. The fog is typically applied in areas that mosquitos breed: Bushes, grass, and stagnant water.

Mosquito Fogging vs Misting

Misting uses water vapor but works in a similar fashion to fogging. The difference is that misting kills larvae and eggs – but it also requires a professional to administer.

Fogging can be done by a layman and the pesticide solution is easily applied with the right equipment.

Benefits of Mosquito Foggers

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor gathering or want to have peace of mind absent that annoying nighttime buzzing while you’re trying to sleep, mosquito foggers are safe, cheap, and easy to use.

1. Effective Against Mosquitos

Mosquito fogging is most effective against mosquito infestations because it eradicates existing populations.

It makes for a quick and efficient solution to mosquitos before outdoor events. Whether it’s a party, neighborhood barbecue, or a wedding, the effects of fogging remain for up to 72 hours.

2. Mosquito Foggers are Safe

The chemicals employed in mosquito fogging are safe for humans.

While there is a certain risk involved if inhaled directly, the pyrethroid insecticide used would have to be inhaled in large quantities and drawn deeply into the lungs to cause lasting harm.

This is because humans and many animals produce enzymes that break down such chemicals in smaller quantities before they can cause harm.

3. Proactive Prevention

Like any other pest, mosquito populations take time to regenerate.

While foggers won’t do anything about eggs and larvae, they’re so efficient at decimating populations that you won’t have to worry about new breeds hatching with a healthy application before an outdoor event.

4. Cost-Effective

Mosquito foggers are an upfront cost that’s far cheaper than hiring a professional to do the job. Professional pest control services can charge rates in the thousands of dollars, while a fogger costs only a few hundred.

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5. Easy to Use

As long as you abide by the safety guidelines, mosquito foggers are very easy to use. Just point and mist in insect-prone areas. The insecticide does the rest of the work.

6. Multi-Purpose

Mosquito foggers can be used to apply other chemicals in matters of pest control. Any industrial-grade pesticide or insecticide can be applied.

You can use them to control pests that infest gardens, orchards, barns, and warehouses.

Eradicate Your Mosquito Problem Today

A mosquito fogger will let you control pesky populations before they get out of hand – and let you take revenge on the nasty nuisances at the same time.

And you’ll sleep easy knowing you’ve got your pest problem under control.

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