5 Ways to Avoid Common Mistakes and have a Memorable Honeymoon

5 Ways to Avoid Common Mistakes and have a Memorable Honeymoon

Indian weddings are beautiful, colourful, a lot of fun, and full of people! So, if you feel exhausted after greeting, smiling and posing with countless friends, family members, neighbours and more know that you are not alone. This is why the honeymoon can seem like a breath of fresh air where you and your partner can just be yourselves and discover exciting things about each other in a wonderful location. After all, for the first time, you will get to travel together and create memories as a couple. So, check out the 5 ways in which you can stay away from common mistakes and have a honeymoon to remember. 

1. Plan in Advance – Don’t Leave It to the Last Minute

Your honeymoon destination cannot be an on-the-spur-of-the-moment decision. That works only for weekend getaways. You need to put in enough energy and time into planning your honeymoon, just like you will do for your wedding. Take the time to research all the places you would like to holiday in and shortlist a few. Do this together so you both can like the place you have chosen.

Once you have zeroed in on the honeymoon destination, you will need to look into tickets, hotel stays and your itinerary. If you are going to an international destination, don’t forget to check out the visa requirements. Some countries require a visa to be issued in advance while others may issue a visa on arrival. Planning your honeymoon in advance not only gives you time to find the best options but also gives you a chance to get good deals.

2. Set a Budget – a Budget Buffer

You can have a great honeymoon with any budget, but if you don’t set a budget in the planning stage, you may end up in trouble later. It can be disheartening if you have to miss out on an experience just because you spent more than you should on other things. So, start your planning by setting a budget. Set a buffer too. Decide what you won’t mind spending more on and where you want to save money. Some couples like to stay in luxury properties and aren’t too keen on exotic dinners. Others may choose to spend a little less on accommodation and more on local experiences. 

Note that there will be expenses you haven’t planned for. You may see a quaint restaurant that you want to try out or there may be entry fees at local attractions. Account for things like currency conversion fees, parking fees, mobile and data roaming costs, etc. Having a budget ensures that you can fit all these experiences into your honeymoon without feeling bad about spending too much.

3. Choose the Right Time 

When you are planning your honeymoon, you not only need to keep the place in mind but a few other things as well. It wouldn’t be a lot of fun to plan a trip to the Andamans only to get there and find it is raining all day. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Will it be tourist season?

In a place like Goa, many activities are offered only during the tourist season. So, while Goa in the monsoons is a romantic escape, you are not likely to be able to enjoy any water sports during that time. Also, you may not want to plan your honeymoon during the peak tourist season, as you may find your candlelight dinner getting interrupted by noisy children. 

  • What’s the weather going to be like?

Before you confirm a destination, think about what the local weather conditions will be like. If you’re looking for a winter wonderland kind of honeymoon, check the forecasts to know whether it will snow or not. Similarly, if you are heading to the beaches, avoid planning your trip during the monsoons. 

  • Is there any social or political unrest?

You don’t want to reach a place to find that it is in the middle of a crisis. Do your research beforehand and look for news on the place you want to visit. You may also want to ask people who have recently visited the place for reviews and recommendations. 

4. Schedule Activities and Experiences Carefully – Enjoy the Luxury of Time

It’s tempting to fit in a lot of experiences while honeymooning. After all, there’s so much to do – places to explore, local cuisines to try, new activities to participate in, etc. But scheduling too much can be disastrous. Honeymoons are usually planned just after the wedding, and as we said before, Indian weddings can be fairly chaotic. So, you want to reserve some time to just unwind with your spouse. 

Plan a loose itinerary and list the things you want to do in order of priority. Some will be must-dos while you can consider skipping others based on the time available. Do not plan more than 1 or 2 events each day. Space them out such that you can enjoy them without exhausting yourself. 

At the same time, don’t leave your itinerary completely blank. After lazing around for a day or two, limiting yourself to the hotel may become boring. What’s more, you may miss out on some great experiences.

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5. Pack Appropriately –Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Imagine what will happen if you reach a beach and then find out that you aren’t carrying your swimsuit! At the same time, if you carry 5 sets, you might end up with unnecessary luggage as you probably won’t swim all day long. Moreover, you need enough options to look good in your photographs without lugging around heavy suitcases. 

So, plan your outfits according to the length of your honeymoon and the activities you have planned for. For example, if you are planning on hikes, you will need a pair of trousers along with your flirty dresses. If you are planning a trip to the beach, don’t forget to carry sunscreen! Layout all the things you want to carry with you and then pack them into your bag. Avoid doing this at the last minute. All in all, whether you wish to honeymoon in Mahabaleshwar or Bali, the joy this holiday can bring you and your partner depends on how well you plan the trip. So, whether you found your soulmate through friends or online matchmaking, your honeymoon is sure to be an amazing one if you plan it right.