5 Unique Company Party Ideas

Did you know that almost 50% of employees are excited to attend their yearly office holiday party? Despite this number, this means the other half of the team would rather skip out on the office party.

Whether it’s the holiday party or another company gathering, you want your employees to have a good time. This guide will offer some great ideas for your next company party. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. An Office Scavenger Hunt

Who says a business party can’t be fun? You can make sure your employees have a good time by organizing a unique company party. One thing you can try is putting together an office scavenger hunt.

It’s a great way to practice teamwork and problem-solving skills while enjoying a little bit of friendly competition among coworkers. You can have teams answering questions or building models throughout the office, with the winning team getting a prize.

2. Put Together a Murder Mystery Party

Other company party ideas you might enjoy, including organizing a murder mystery party at the office. Coworkers will have a lot of fun playing different roles and trying to figure out who among them is the killer.

You can take the role of the murder victim as the boss and leave clues around the office. Get creative with your clues so your employees will have to think outside the box to solve the mystery.

3. Trivia Night

Other popular company events include setting up a trivia night during a company party. You can have employees vote on a theme for the trivia and divide them into different teams.

This is a great way to have people from different departments working together. It might even help create new friendships between coworkers. Team t-shirts will help encourage friendly competition between teams as well.

4. Movie Night Party

When you have to do the event planning for a company party, it’s hard to come up with an idea everyone will enjoy. You don’t want any of your employees to have a bad time.

One thing that everyone can look forward to is a movie night. Have your employees vote on different movies so you can find one that suits every taste. Make a setup with all the best movie snacks, too.

You can have an outdoor movie night no matter how many employees you have. Check out some outdoor movie packages if you’re interested.

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5. Decade Themed Party

If you’re looking for party themes for your next company event, you should consider choosing a best of a decade style party. You can have a Gatsby-style 1920s party or a 70’s party celebrating the best of the disco era.

Choose a 2000s-themed party for nostalgic millennials. This means low-rise jeans and boy band music.

Company Party Ideas You’ll Like

Are you in charge of planning your next company party? These party ideas should inspire you to create an event all the employees will love.

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