Types of Content for Social Media Marketing

5 Types of Content for Social Media Marketing

Out of all the companies in the US, 70% actively invest in their content marketing strategies and tactics.

Content marketing tactics are made of many wielded swords and one of these is the different types of content for social media. Social Media Marketing is about knowing your audience, choosing the right platforms to engage on, and knowing how to create relevant content.

Your business can only benefit from the right type of content being in the right place, here are the types that you can start using today!

Types Of Content For Social Media

Before we jump right into it, it’s important that you understand what should drive your content.

Fundamentally, the real driver behind the content that you create needs to be your ideal target audience. Extensive research should be done on your audience, who they are, which platforms they use, and what type of content they engage with.

This information is ultimately what will drive your content decisions.

1. Written Content And Articles

Technically speaking, blog posts and articles go onto your website and not directly onto your social media channels. But, once your written content is posted onto your website it should 100% be shared on your social media channels.

You can create thumbnail visuals to go along with the link to catch the reader’s attention.

2. All Types Of Images

Images are great for social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. They’re usually quite easy to create and design. The difficult part of using images is usually writing the content that goes along with each one.

If done properly, images can boost the aesthetic appeal of your social pages and help with brand awareness.

3. Video Stories And Regular Videos

Video is easy and can be quite convenient for your ideal audience who is looking for more information.

You can use video as a way to create how-to videos, product reviews, brand videos, and much more.

Businesses and creators can broadcast talks, performances, Q&As, webinars, and other virtual events using live video. People feel a sense of connection and camaraderie when they watch things live or at the same time.

4. Awesome Infographics

Infographics may be classified as an image, yes, but they’re created with a certain information flow or workflow in mind. They usually stick to a specific style, particularly to the brand that’s designed them.

Depending on your industry, infographics can be a super cool way for you to visually display statistics and product information.

5. Curated Content

The process of identifying and combining existing content on issues that are important to your audience, business, or specialty is known as content curation.

Basically, you repurpose content that has already been developed (by you or others) into new content. Furthermore, content curation is only truly useful when you incorporate your own perspectives on the curated content.

Any B2B content marketing agency will tell you that repurposing content is smart and time-efficient!

Creative Content Creation

Successful content marketing is about two major things: understanding your target audience as best as possible and understanding the types of content for social media.

Once you have a solid strategy in place, it can fuel effective content marketing tactics that will show positive results for your brand.

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