4 Upcoming Sports Events That Are Worth It (1)

4 Upcoming Sports Events That Are Worth It

We know that sports channels in the modern-day world allow you to pause games or watch them later. But nothing compares to watching sports live!

The 518 million viewers who tuned into the 2018 World Cup final will tell you the thrill they got from catching the action in real-time. If soccer isn’t your thing, maybe the 100 million people who tuned into the Super Bowl final live can share their sentiments.

Whichever sport gets your blood flowing, there’s no question that it’s better live. Keep reading to find out which upcoming sports events worldwide you absolutely can’t miss.

1. NBA Finals: Basketball

The NBA playoffs start with 16 teams in total, eight from each of the league’s two conferences (East and West). Each conference’s teams are ranked based on their regular-season win-loss record. The six teams from each conference with the most wins advance directly to the playoffs.

The playoffs started on the 16th of April and will conclude with the NBA Finals in 2022. This is the game of all games to watch live—and one of the most exciting major sporting events in 2022—if you love basketball.

2. Tour de France: Cycling

In July, the world’s most prestigious cycling event—one of the most popular summer sporting events—will take place. The 109th edition, Gran Boucle, will determine who is the fastest of all cyclists and dethrone the current champion and unquestionably the fastest runner, Tadej Pogacar.

In addition, the eight-stage women’s Tour de France will be held for the first time immediately following the men’s race. This is the Michelin star event to watch live when it comes to cycling. You’ll keep coming back for more exciting stages.

3. Fifa World Cup: Football

It will begin in November, an unusual World Cup that will not be held in the summer months for the first time, due to the extreme heat in Qatar during this time of year. It will be the twenty-second edition of the Men’s Soccer World Cup, which will be hosted by FIFA, the world’s governing body of soccer.

From the 21st of November to the 18th of December, the action will take place, and 32 teams will be divided into eight groups once again. 29 of the 32 teams are already known, including most of the countries we expected to see.

4. Wimbledon: Tennis

Most tennis fans will agree that Wimbledon is the most important tennis tournament in the world. Wimbledon will be held for the 135th time in 2022, from the 27th of June to the 10th of July.

Many people are excited to see Novak Djokovic play at Wimbledon after the visa scandal involving him and the Australian Open earlier this year.

If you want to see him and any other notable tennis stars live, you should start thinking about getting your tickets now because they sell out quickly. Follow this link to do just that.

Unusual and Exciting Upcoming Sports Events

We’re all emerging from a rather unusual two years where sporting events just weren’t what they used to. Make sure to check out these upcoming sports events.

As we emerge from the pandemic and life returns slowly to normal, we can now find our way out to live events, to sit with the warm popcorn in our laps, drink the watered-down beer, and enjoy the exciting atmosphere!

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