4 Tips and Techniques for Writing an Amazing College Admission Essay

4 Tips and Techniques for Writing an Amazing College Admission Essay

Most colleges and universities will need you to submit a personal essay as part of the admissions requirement. While this may sound like a taxing exercise, it is something that you cannot overlook especially if you want to get admitted to the college of your dreams. 

Even though your high school grades carry a very heavyweight, your personal essay will be just as important. Personal essays are a way to distinguish yourself from other students and let the admissions office know why you deserve a spot in the college.

This may sound like a lot of pressure but there is a very good chance that you can end up writing an amazing college admissions essay just like the title of this article claims.

We have a couple of tricks and techniques up our sleeves that have helped students with their personal essays time and time again. If you are interested in finding out what these tips are, continue reading!

1. Write about something that matters

Your personal essay doesn’t have to be solely about you. You can write about any important event in your life that you consider to have been an important milestone, or something that taught you a great deal.

The college admissions board will be looking at a couple of things but mainly they will be looking at how you can tell a story that also highlights the best parts of your personality.

If you don’t want to talk about a particular event, you can talk about certain instances in your life that led to you applying to the university or college of your dreams.

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2. Be Reflective 

When you are writing the personal essay, make sure you are not just writing, but you are in fact reflecting. Reflect on how the events in your life have helped you become the capable person you are. 

Talk about the things you learned, and how they left an impact on you, and how you will use these learning experiences during your university life as well.

3. Make A Lot Of Edits

There will be more than one draft involved when you are perfecting the essay. This is because this is an iterative process that requires constant improvement till you are satisfied with what you want.

You should also consult some of your friends, and family members to proofread some of your drafts for you. This will give you a different perspective on your writing that will lead to further improvement. 

You also want to put yourself in the reader’s shoes, and for any sentence that is not making sense to you, you should change it immediately.

Another tip that we often recommend during the proofreading process is to read out loud the essay as that will also give you a good idea about the flow of sentences. 

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4. Write To The Point

Don’t write about details that are irrelevant or don’t have anything to do with the actual topic of the essay.