3 Unique Business Invoice Templates to Give a Try

Are you trying to create a great invoice for your business?

If you’ve stuck to simple and minimalist invoice templates so far, now’s the time to make a change. Just as you want your business to stand out from its competition, so must your invoices.

So how do you create professional invoices that bring out the best of what your business offers?

This quick guide will give you a few great business invoice templates you can create.

Here’s what you should try:

1. Make Your Company Stand Out

To put it bluntly — life’s too short to include your company’s information in small font on your invoice. Instead, your company’s presence should stand out on your invoice just as it does on your business cards.

Make sure you include your company’s logo at the top of the invoice. Type your company’s information in a large font, at least 18 points. Make sure this text is larger than your vendor’s information.

This leaves an impression on your vendors and clients. It shows that you have authority in your industry. As a result, they’re less likely to forget about your company in the future.

2. Include Multiple Payment Options

You want to make it as simple as possible for your clients to send you your payment. At the bottom of your invoice, include multiple options for your clients to pay you.

You can format these instructions as follows:

  • Please send a check or cash to [Your Address]
  • Please send electronic payment to [Bank Account Number and Routing Number]
  • Provide your unique address for payment authorization services (PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, etc.)
  • Provide a QR code for your Bitcoin Wallet

The more options you give to your client, the more likely they’ll want to continue your working relationship. It also shows that you’re a forward-thinking company if you offer different payment options.

3. Give It a Unique Design

The final step is to give your business invoices a unique design that makes it stick out from other work-related documents.

Rather than using a white background for your invoices, consider using cream, grey, light blue, or light green.

You should also outline your invoice with a border. If you print your invoices, always use resume paper. If you mail your invoices to a client, always handwrite their address on the envelope.

While this might not be efficient, it shows that you’ve taken extra care to send your invoice. Don’t hesitate to write a short ‘thank you’ message at the bottom of your invoice.

Use a free invoice template maker to help you create professional invoices.

Make Your Business Invoice Templates

Now you know the guidelines to create unique business invoice templates for your company. Experiment with these guidelines, and you’ll create a unique look for your business invoices.

Start by showcasing your logo and company information in large print on your invoices. This ensures that your vendors and clients won’t forget your company easily!

Make sure you also offer several payment methods for your client. You should also step away from minimalism and give your invoices a unique design. They should look different from ordinary business documents.

You can learn more about creating professional invoices on our blog!

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