3 Tips on How to Dress for a Date

3 Tips on How to Dress for a Date

A survey found that 85% of straight women think men who dress well are sexier than men who make a lot of money. You don’t need a survey to know that straight men prefer well-groomed women.

No matter your gender or preferences, if you are on the dating scene it is important you know how to dress for a date. You should want to make a great first impression so that every first date could be your last first date.

What are the rules around first date fashion these days? Follow these simple tips and you will dress to impress every time.

1. Wear an Outfit To Match the Activity

It would be so easy to say “dress for a date by wearing smart shoes, jeans, and a shirt.” In reality, it completely depends on the date activity.

First dates are often low-key and casual. Here are some first date ideas as well as inspiration for the ideal outfit to go with that date:

  • Coffee: ankle boots, jeans, and a cute top/relaxed shirt
  • Drinks at a bar: heels/nice sneakers with jeans and a nice shirt
  • Park or beach: nice sneakers/sandals, shorts/skirt, and t-shirt

A good first date outfit doesn’t mean dressing up. In fact, you may come across as too intense or high-maintenance if you do. Stick to what you would wear in any other circumstances and don’t overthink it.

2. Don’t Dismiss Your Personal Style

While it’s understandable if you want to impress your date with your outfit, stick to your usual personal style.

If you buy a whole new outfit that is not an accurate representation of what you wear every day, then you are not showing your date the real you. You are putting on a show which is not fair to anyone.

Instead, choose an outfit you already own that people have complimented you on. The outfit should show off your best self. And if your date doesn’t like it, then they likely aren’t the one for you anyway.

3. Keep It Clean (and Groomed)

Dressing for a date isn’t only about clothes, hygiene and grooming matters too. Make sure your outfit is clean, pressed, and your shoes look clean too.

Shower and brush your teeth before your date at the very least. Ladies might want to do their hair, nails, and make-up (if that’s your thing!) while men should tidy up their facial hair.

Don’t forget to spray yourself with perfume or cologne as this is often what attracts you to the desired gender more than anything else. Keep a small 80ml spray bottle in your purse so you can top up your scent when you go to the bathroom as necessary.

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Use These Tips To Dress For a Date to End All Dates

Figuring out how to dress for a date isn’t straightforward. Different outfits work for different types of dates. If your date likes you wearing something you feel comfortable and confident in, you know that they like you for you and not your clothes.

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