3 Sneaky Signs Your Fridge Water Filter Needs Replaced

3 Sneaky Signs Your Fridge Water Filter Needs to be Replaced

Are you wondering if your fridge needs a new water filter? If you haven’t replaced it in a year or notice that your water tastes funny, it’s probably time for a change. And taking the time to do it translates into a healthier glass of water.

Read on to learn 3 sneaky signs that your friend’s water filter needs to be replaced!

1. Disgusting Ice or Water Is a Clear Sign

Does your water taste bad? Your primary source of hydration shouldn’t make you want to avoid it. Water that tastes foul could be contaminated with bacteria or algae. 

If your water is very soft, you may notice a salty tinge to its flavor. Similarly, it’s not uncommon for the water to be slightly metallic from traveling through pipes. But on the whole, water should have minimal to no discernible flavor.

Don’t drink water that tastes off. Instead, know that you can find the best water online to replace an old one. Find a room in your budget for a Samsung fridge water filter or whatever filter fits your appliance.

2. Replace a Fridge Water Filter After 6 Months

How long has your fridge water filter been in place? If you can’t remember the last time you changed it, the filter may be dirty and ineffective. And it may be clouding your water with bacteria and sediment that you shouldn’t be consuming.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your fridge water filter after 6 months of use. If that sounds frequent, turn to Discount Filters for a cheap fridge water filter solution. 

If your water dispenser gets a lot of traffic from your family, you may want to replace the filter every 3 months. Or conversely, you could go with 9 months if you live alone. Your fridge may have a sensor to tell you when it’s the time!

3. Look for Water Discoloration

When you drink water or grab an ice cube, you expect it to be clear and pure. But your ice cubes shouldn’t be the color of old snow on a winter day. In fact, gray water can mean dust or another contaminant is in your water.

Your water’s unpleasant discoloration could result from bleach or iron, too. And flecks of dark color in your water should be a warning sign to stop drinking it.

And does your water smell bad? Water that reminds you of rotten eggs is undrinkable and potentially a health hazard. Usually this smell means that sulfites from pipes have made their way into your drinking water.

Fortunately, the best Samsung house water filter or replacement option will clear up your water in an instant. And water that looks and smells bad may just be the best way to motivate you to replace an old filter! 

Find the Best Water Filter Online

Replacing a fridge water filter can result in water that looks and tastes better. Discolored water that smells like rotten eggs or looks cloudy should not be part of your hydration routine. Instead, look for a cheap fridge water filter to save the day.

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