12 Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas

12 Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas

A proposal takes your relationship to a level of more commitment. The excitement is contagious; congratulations! Now it gets real because you should announce and celebrate with loved ones. But first, how can you share your new status in style? Only the best engagement announcement ideas will do. Besides, share the news with your family and closest friends before going public. Do this because you need them for the series of planning that follows. Whether you want engagement party ideas at home, outdoor, or at exotic destinations, we got you covered. Take inspiration from these cute ways to announce the engagement of any style.

1. Personalize The Announcement 

One of the fun ways to announce engagement is by personalizing it. If you share a hobby, profession, or favorite food, make it the backdrop of your announcement. For instance, if you are both engineers, relay your message using printed tools. For teachers, their engagement announcements can come on printed chalkboard or notebook format. Your personal touch makes the message heartfelt.

2. Go Digital

There is no hard written rule on how to celebrate an engagement. So even when your best people are not within reach, distance shouldn’t be a barrier. Set up your zoom, Skype, Facebook, or YouTube live for the announcements. Send emails to all the guests you want at your engagement with the meeting details. When they show up on the platform, show off your ring and get everyone excited.

3. Make It A Game Of Words

One of the most creative ways to announce engagement to your family is through a game of words. You can accomplish this by having them solve puzzles or scrabble at dinner. Customize the game to include what you want them to find. When they finish assembling it, the game should read your names and party date.

4. Share A Proposal Reel

If you love private marriage proposals, keep a photographer around to take snaps. Develop some pictures and create a reel of cute moments for the proposal announcement. Include your names, the date of the party, and maybe your story in the package. Then place your cheerful news as messages or on social media to family and friends.

5. Send A Snail Mail

Snail mails are authentic and traditional ways to make engagement announcements. Create a postcard containing your loved up pictures and send them off to your friends. Add a note in the mail that tells them what they need to know. It gives a feeling of old-world nostalgia when people get joyous news in snail mail.

6. Pay Surprise Visits

Surprise your loved ones with an unplanned visit to experience a close-up announcement reaction. Learn their schedules and show up at their homes or businesses, if allowed. Flaunt your finger once sighted, and they will get the message. A piece of great news during the day is a welcome idea.

7. Become A Breaking News

Have you ever dreamed of being in print? The engagement announcement is your opportunity to make it happen. Writing out your big news in newspaper or magazine prints is one of the fun ways to tell your friends you are engaged. You can choose a newspaper or magazine template, develop, print, and send them to friends. Or post them on Instagram and Facebook for everyone to see. 

8. Do A Balloon-Vite

Create a backdrop using Mylar balloons. Spell out your big news and add some colorful props for an engagement shoot. Snap beautiful romantic pictures, print, and mail or post them on social media. You can also write out your announcement on the balloons with a big smile on your face. Everyone loves a beautiful couple, so it’s time to celebrate.

9. Maximize The Holidays

If you became engaged during the holidays, then it is a double celebration for everyone. Bring the family together and in the holiday season, make your announcement. Go the whole nine yards by wearing holiday costumes and taking shots for holiday cards. Inside the cards lie your engagement announcement.

10. Engagement Party Invites

Sharing engagement announcement cards is a perfect route for the no-fuss couple. This method is traditional and goes straight to the point without fanfare. Spruce up the announcement cards by creating a background with your proposal photos. Use stylish or quirky fonts and tell a short, funny story.

11. Picture Perfect Social Media

Do you want to share your big news with the world? Plan a post that captures the essence of your love, depending on how much information you want to give. Take candid pictures or a perfect snapshot of your ring to complete the package. Post the announcement on social media and use hashtags that will transfer into your wedding.

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12. An Announcement Like A Romantic Movie

If you share the love for a specific romantic movie, watch it again. Re-enact some scenes on your announcement cards or social media to the pleasure of your audience. Include your announcement and make the movie yours.

Share your big news by using any of our stylish engagement announcement ideas. Whether private, glamorous, funny, or modern engagement, there’s something for everyone.